In the past, most residential garages were equipped with standard wooden garage doors. Today, however, homeowners can choose between several different types of garage doors that offer increased energy efficiency and improved security features. Insulated side-hinged garage doors are among the most popular choices for homeowners today as they provide practical solutions to common home problems such as energy loss and vehicle theft.

Insulated side hinged garage doors can be viewed as a modern adaptation of the conventional inset panel door. The design features a recess in which the upper edge of the door sits flush with the wall above it. A low profile design makes this type of door easy to operate and it looks very smart too.

Lesson 1: Single and Double-Sliding Rolling Door 

The single and double-sliding rolling door are both very common in terms of design, but they each have their own specific characteristics. The single-sliding rolling door is generally used in a narrow space, such as the balcony or veranda, with maximum width of about two meters. The double-sliding rolling door consists of two panels that slide horizontally respectively on the top and bottom rails to open; meanwhile, it can be installed on any place you like. However, since its sliding speed is slower than that of the single-sliding rolling door because there are two panels instead of one.

Lesson 2: Up and Over Garage Doors

An up and over garage door is a type of trackless garage door, which means that it does not have any tracks. It can be installed on the top of a wooden or metal header, while its function is to slide horizontally from side to side using rollers attached to tracks. When the door swings back, it provides full coverage for your vehicle or storage area.

The up-and-over garage door is efficient and practical, since you can enjoy more space in your garage because there are no tracks at all; therefore, you will be able to store larger items there. Furthermore, it may increase security and privacy since the opener will be hidden inside the closed section of the door when it remains in place near ground level.

Lesson 3: Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are extremely smart, efficient and stylish. They offer an array of stylish and robust options for any kind of home. Providing immense protection against the elements, they can be customized to give your home a unique look. Sectional doors are made up of multiple panels. Some sections may tilt out while other sections slide open horizontally.

Sectional garage doors come in two basic designs – roll up and automatic sectional doors. The roll-up door is manually operated by a chain or roller pulley system that runs along one sideband, lifting the panel (s) into the ceiling when opened. Roll-up sectionals are available as overhead-mounted style or side mount style depending upon the width of the opening at the installation site. Due to their design, roll-up sectional garage doors have become more streamlined, whilst you have a greater range of styles and finishes to choose from.