One of the most important features to a house is having beautifully clean windows.

If you are looking to impress your neighbours or have a family event coming up and you are the host, make sure you get those windows sparkling, as well as your wine glass.

Purchasing some simple but effective equipment (easily found in your local hardware store or online) is essential for obtaining that great look your house so desires. First on the list is a simple bucket; large enough to fit your squeegee in, but not too large that you cannot store it away easily. Next up is as just mentioned, a squeegee, this is by far the most important piece of equipment, so potentially spend a little more money on this, check out reviews and see which one suits your needs. come in different lengths and some also come with a swivel handle which can be a bit tricky to use for beginners. The rubber is also easily changed once it has had its wear. A sponge is vital to get all those bubbles onto the window, this can be a simple hand sponge or you can splash out on a sponge-stick for those hard to reach places. Last up is a scraper; this is used to get off those stubborn insect marks and those tougher marks such as paint or varnish. A few other helpful essentials include a good ladder to reach those high up windows and a couple of rags (an old cloth or top) to really make those windows shine. It is your turn to impress your beloved guests and get those windows sparkling. Of course, even with all of the right tools you have to put the work in, so be ready to give the windows some serious elbow grease.