Standard windows have a lot of great features, but security and durability are not chief among them.

Roof Domes are a great alternative. Made to counter many of the disadvantages of standard windows, Roof Domes are extremely tough in comparison. Made from polycarbonate, Roof Domes have an impact strength up to 250 times greater than that of glass windows.

Because of the added durability Roof Domes are much more effective at preventing intruders from entering a property than normal windows. To enhance the security Roof Domes are fitted with high security screw bolts as standard.

A Roof Dome can allow up to three times more natural light into a room than a vertically mounted window. Illuminating the room below in a much cleaner way than a standard window.

Roof Domes can be arranged in many different patterns. This can be great if you have an awkwardly shaped room that is hard to illuminate. A bespoke Roof Dome arrangement can solve any indoor darkness issues.