Weiner combines some amazing technology with top-notch products offering ease of use as well as the power to last for several years. A wide selection of patterns, designs, fabrics, installations are offered to provide you with the best choice suited for your needs, no matter if you require them for your patio, window, conservatory, patio roof or to use as a sunshade and side screen.

Open Awnings
These awnings need the building’s structure to protect the mechanism and fabric from weather and other conditions as they do not possess any protective cassette, thereby being suitable only for those locations that have balcony ceilings, overhanging roofs or any other wall projections. The weiner awnings model Topas scores favourable ratings for the high quality and reasonable price.

Semi-Cassette Awnings
Featuring innovative techniques with unique design, the semi-cassette Cap weiner awnings offer a great variety when it comes to the fabric and the colours, meant to suit just perfect to different tastes. The entire mechanism along with the fabric is enclosed in the retracted front rail and the awning top.

Cassette Awnings
A perfect blend of technology with design, these awnings offfer a high level of comfort when it comes to operating them. Best for small or medium patios, these get totally secure inside a cassette on retraction. The appearance is even more enhanced by the innovative two-point suspension, whereas the 12 cm cassette protects the material from harsh weather quite efficiently.

Free Standing Awnings
These flexible awnings for shading particularly huge open spaces are called Duofix. The free-standing awnings are particularly suited to expert catering applications. An assortment of awnings can be fitted to the structure, and the whole unit can be assembled or disassembled very easily.

Textile Patio Roofs
Offering great features, these roofs are free-standing support structures mounted on pillars, allowing you to fit awnings on either sides of the shade. The attaching of awnings doesn’t need any walls and they can be independently opened as and when needed. The structure is quite flexible and sturdy due to the removable stone bases, allowing the shade roofing to be easily assembled or disassembled.

Window Awnings
There is a substantial variety of window awnings for a wide number of uses. Whether you need to give shade to vertical or angled, windows and glass surfaces, weinor awnings has the model that suits you the best. These awnings ensure protection from the harsh sun rays and glare whether its a balcony or a rooms. Additionally, they prevent bleaching of the floor and furniture.

Conservatory Awnings
The sun’s beams can warm your conservatory to temperatures as high as 75ยบ C. A conservatory awning allow you utilize it to the fullest in sunny climate. The wide range by weinor offers the most cutting-edge innovation and an assortment of shapes to provide you with a variety of such awnings.

Side Screens
Protection from low sun, winds and glare on patios and balconies is provided in quite an efficient way by side blinds, making a comfortable speace at the same time taking care of your privacy. The fabric can be retracted and unrolled with ease being stored in a casette quite safely.