Typically, with any roof, you replace it when there is something majorly wrong like a leak or damage. That said, most people upgrade conservatory roofs for other reasons, such as a lack of energy efficiency. Too often, old conservatories become cold storage rooms that feel disjointed from the house. They can’t be enjoyed in the winter because they are too cold, and in the summer often sweltering inside. So what’s the solution? A new roof? Absolutely.

A conservatory roof is an integral part of a conservatory as it allows you to use your space as a room as opposed to just a sunroom. If by any chance, you were to suffer damage or breakage on it over time, the ideal course of action would be to replace it instead of fixing it. This way, you can ensure that your conservatory does not suffer anymore and is protected from the elements.

The replacement process involves demolishing the old one and then replacing it with a new one. You will need some considerable expertise in this area though as due care has to be taken during the demolition process not only for your house but also for yourself.

Are you looking to boost energy efficiency?

A new conservatory roof can work wonders for your heating bills! You will be able to block out the sun in the warmer months meaning that you don’t have to turn on the heating, and then in the colder seasons, you can utilise solar panels for a renewable energy source. In some cases, with a new insulated roof that’s tiled, you can prevent 90% of heat loss! This kind of solution will look better too, because the tiles will blend in with your surrounding architecture.

Are tiled conservatory roofs any good?

Replacement conservatory roofs are almost always tiled to mimic the look of a traditional “lean-to” roof. The tiles are usually made from non-slip ceramic but can be glass or even plastic. Some types have an internal bar across them to make the roof feel more secure. So if you’re looking to elevate the status, style and value of your home, then a replacement conservatory roof can be a wise option.

The most obvious benefit is that the tiles reflect the sun’s energy, which means your conservatory will be warmer. The tiles are specially designed to help stop the sunlight from fading carpets and furniture, either by absorbing or reflecting UV rays. If you want to save money on heating bills then this could also be an important factor because it means your conservatory will need less power to heat up in chilly weather. So if you’re planning to use your conservatory all year round but struggle with high energy bills, then a tiled roof could have many benefits for you too.