Protecting your workplace is one of the most important things when you own your own business shop or workshop. Protecting it from intruders and other potential accidents such as fire, flooding or harsh weathers is made easier with security shutter doors.

Security shutter door secure protection for your business, workshop or storehouse – A large number of businesses with worksites use security shutter doors as an effective way to protect both property and trade secrets. Their popularity may well stem from the false sense of safety they provide: people think they’ve made their shop or warehouse “secure” because the shutter doors are locked.

Security shutters can be used as a means to provide weather protection for your car, boat or other toys during extended periods of storage – though given their price tag, this is typically something that’s done at home rather than on a full-time basis as with business premises. Security shutter doors come in both manual and electric operation types.

Exterior security door – The first thing you need to think about before considering anything else is where you will install them? You should also know who needs access; only those employees whose jobs require it would be able to enter through those doors. Security shutter doors provide protection from the elements too, this is because they are extremely durable and able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions.

It’s also worth pointing out that because security doors are made from aluminium they do not rust or corrode over time, making them especially good for locations near to the sea-coast where you’re going to be exposed to salt in the air. Nowadays, it is possible to install electric operated security doors at a much more affordable price than what it would have been a few years ago.

Security shutter doors are also very difficult to beak in to, so provide you with a safe and secure working environment. There are also electronic security doors available for use, they have sensors which can detect if someone’s trying to get in to your workshop. They are probably the best option when opting for storage solutions and workshops.

Not only do these types of doors provide ample security due to the durability and functionality of the door, but they also work as a hinderance to any intruder too. Buglers are a lot less likely to attempt to break into a difficult secure door, as it would be tricky and time consuming in comparison to a workshop or store with regular doors.

There are many additional security options you may also wish to invest in when it come to protecting your workshop, such as alarms, sensor lighting and cameras, however a good strong security shutter door is a great place to start, and will set you off on the right foot.

On this page you will find an example of the different types of security shutter doors available, along with what features they offer. These are more traditional security shutters that are manually operated by roof mounted handles or simple gears. They are extremely strong and bulky allowing for great top of door strength, but can be quite difficult to open in comparison to manual garage doors due to their weight.