When you’ve been tasked with the tricky task of choosing interior doors for your home or business, there are any number of options available, from solid materials to hardwood veneers, or hollow flush laminates such as uPVC, oak, or MDF.

With those natural materials like oak, you can also buy new doors or those that are reclaimed so the list very much continues with almost endless options.  So, just why are internal oak doors so popular? Well, to offer you all the explanations would be an inventory almost as long as the list of doors available, so here are a few reasons to help you out:


Whether treated or untreated, oak looks good. In the wild, it is born in a number of colours, meaning you have the flexibility to choose a shade that matches your house and therefore improves the remainder of furnishings in any given room. Internal oak doors complement everything from chairs and tables, to desks and bookshelves. The utilisation of any wood, but especially oak, in household furnishings, gives a sense of heat and nature to a home, making any house appear more welcoming. You also get a beautiful rich texture that adds value to your home and reflects quality and character!


No matter how good your internal oak doors look, it means nothing if they’re not going to stand the test of your time. Cheap laminate and veneer doors can often imitate (however poorly) the design of a solid wood door, but they need that ‘cheap’ tag for a reason. The strength and sturdiness of a top-quality oak door make up for the few quid you would possibly save going for a less robust alternative. Internal oak doors are built to last and will be considered an investment as a result.


As any craftsman will tell you, oak has some impressive acoustic qualities in terms of tone and feel. However, it’s acoustic absorption that is important at home, and yet again, oak is that the ideal choice. Solid oak doors act as a nifty barrier when they’re closed, providing a clear reduction in external noise, such as cars outside, music in another room or your neighbour’s dog barking. This is often a part of the rationale, and they’re becoming so popular in modern offices, but they also offer a plus to homes located on streets that bear tons of foot or road traffic.


As good as internal oak doors are at keeping noise out, they’re even better at trapping the warmth in. Oak is well known as a rather dense material, so it’s naturally ideal for keeping the heat inside the room during the winter months. That said, it’s also fibrous in its nature, which allows excess heat to dissipate during the summer. Oak acts as a natural sort of insulation in many ways, making your home more energy-efficient and saving you some money along the way.

Value for money

And speaking of saving money, internal oak doors offer remarkable value for many homeowners, guaranteeing a sturdy, high-quality door that will last you a lifetime – and possibly a few more after that!